If you hail from the world of food and also you have a niche for cooking as well, then you know very well how important it is to cook good food without creating a mess of your kitchen. This has to be the worst part of cooking, cleaning!!! Who likes to clean the dirty kitchen mess except our mother?

Therefore, you must give a shot to these 5 super kitchen tools to sort you a little bit at cleaning!

Air Fryer

Air Fryers are gaining acclaim for two reasons! First they cook your food without any oil. Yes, no oil foods are in for all health conscious friends out there. And secondly, air fryers are so damn convenient to use. You just need an air fryer and an electric plug point to make all your scrumptious French fries ready without a mess!

Fruit and Vegetable cutter

Knifes are a real challenge for all of those who wants to give a hand on cooking but are equally nervous about the cutting and peeling stuff. Also, if you love making perfect shapes of your fruits to decorate your milkshake or mock tail, getting the perfect round or star shaped watermelon is not a very straightforward task to do.

Try getting the multipurpose fruit and vegetable cutter to sort out all your muddles. Cut your vegetables in any shape you wish to and carve out beautiful stars and hearts to decorate your mock tails. These fruit and vegetable cutter are available in various size and price range. You can check out the wide range of cutters at

Egg Boilers

Well, how about an egg a day keeps a doctor away? If this slogan is said to the young generation will definitely agree to it. Eggs are a kind of staple food for most of the office going people and it is the easiest to make. But yes, sometimes over boiling can ruin both your food as well as mood. Why not give this task to someone who is an expert at it?

Egg boilers are a very convenient tool that must be kept in all kitchens. You can now boil eggs in jiffy and it gives you boiled eggs in less than 7 minutes. Also, it automatically cuts off once the eggs are completely boiled.


Kitchen Scales

“Measure you portion to avoid health hurdles”. This is so true because we often tend to over eat and later feel uneasy. Stainless kitchen scales are a rescue to the correct portion. You can easily measure the amount of rice, pulse or fruits before you eat an endless amount and feel sick!


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