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Sleek designs, contemporary feel and great food...what else is needed when we have a beautiful and cosy corner at our home itself! Interior decorators now-a-days emphasis a lot on creating splendid kitchen concepts more than creating sitting room. Because, that is the trend if the hour! People are concentrating on making changes to the kitchen by adapting various modes and layouts for the kitchen.

New York based interior designer Andrew Suvalsky says,” The kitchen is truly the focus of the home today”. 

The kitchenette is surely the show stopper of the house because it gives an idea of organizing the rest of the house. Thus, manufacturers are also creating modular and contemporary styles of cabinets and counter-tops for meeting the demand of the time.

Among the numerous designs and styles of kitchen prompting each day, we give you a list of popular kitchen styles that you can definitely try out to get that royal feel!!


Country Farmhouse

The word farmhouse instantly gives a feeling of fresh air and wooden furniture with grazing grass and a sunny side up in front! What a feel it is! People are now trying to incorporate this concept of farmhouse kitchen style to bring the feel right in the suburbs!

How to customise your own kitchen to a country styled farmhouse kitchen?

Renovate the kitchen walls to pale yellow or off whites because most country side farmhouse has lighter, pale colors. Get your crockery in red, yellow or blue and a wooden cabinet showcasing your crockery sets and you are ready to travel to the country with rich coffee and bread onto your table!

Modern kitchen

Sleek, stylish and sophisticated! Everything modern, starting from the colours of the walls to the dish on plate. Replace all your tableware and kitchenware with the most modern amenities such as air fryer, egg boiler, toaster and oven. Customise the lightings in your kitchen to be dim around the dining area and cabinets in shining steel to get that sultry modern kitchen...

Coastal kitchen

If you are a beach baby or dream of settling down near the beach with ample sunlight and prawns in your table, coastal kitchen should be your pick. For customizing your own coastal themed kitchen, go for bright beach colors like sky blue, sea green, turquoise and orange for the main kitchen theme. You can get your cabinets designed in these colors to get the feel right into the nerves. Set up a tea table with vibrant table cloth near a sunny window and get your shrimps to get the lets-go-to-the-beach feel right at your home

Vintage kitchen

Well, royalty always has a pick whether it comes to kitchen or food. The foods cooked in the medieval era of kings and queens are still experimented upon! Royal food should be eaten at the perfect royal atmosphere. If you are living in an urban place with royal mind, get your set of vintage crockery and yellow lights to turn your ordinary kitchen to a vintage royal one! With artistic curtains and table cloth, brass jugs and silver bowls, yellow light on the dining space and some old vintage posters just transforms your everyday cooking place to the vintage kitchen!!