Hello baker!

Dreaming of baking a cake for your mum’s birthday next month? Or bake a pizza for your own? Whatever the reason may be, to start baking, you need two things importantly.

Firstly, ingredients you need to bake. And secondly, apparatus to bring out the most successful bake!!

We list down some of the essentials in baking which can definitely help you come out with the cheesiest pizza slice in your hand.

    • Measuring cups and spoon: The right proportion and correct timing is the key to a successful bake. Measuring cups and spoons help in getting the exact amount, no more, no less. Food scales can also be used for the same purpose
    • Strainer: When you take a bite of your first ever cake, you would definitely not want to indulge into a bite of flour. That is why, straining or sifting is essential before mixing all the dry ingredients
    • Spatula: Silicone spatulas are best for baking purpose because silicone is heat resistant. Spatulas are helpful for mixing cake batter or whipping cream.
    • Bowls: While baking any dish, the most number of bowls you have, the less clumsy your kitchen looks. Bowls are needed for everything; from mixing to whipping to pouring! It is preferable to not use plastic bowls because they may retain a flavour of its own.
    • Whisk: Well, to be honest, a whisk will not only help in baking but a lot in cooking as well. Whisk helps to mix the cake or muffin batter to be smooth and lump free. It also helps you make the fluffiest omelette as well!
    • Electric mixer: This thing sorts all baking hurdles. With just one click of the switch, get the whole world mixed effortlessly in your bowl.
    • Rolling pin: Rolling pins are required when you want to make biscuits, pie dough or puff pastry. They are also required for kneading fondant in decorating cakes.
    • Cookie cutter: Cookie cutters are available in a range of size and shape. Carve out the shape according to your mood with any shape of cookie cutter. Alternatively, they can be multi used as a biscuit cutter as well!
    • Bake ware: Baking cannot be done in ordinary crockery available in your kitchen. You need bake ware for your baking purpose. Certain initial bake ware you can include are baking sheet, square baking tin, round cake tin, muffin tin. Most bake wares are made of glass, ceramic, silicon. Grab these basic tools and appliances and start baking your dream cake.
    • And the most important thing in baking is an oven. Because it is the hero of the whole scene. Baking in convection mode helps in getting even baked food and thus greater appreciation as well.

    These are some of the basic apparatus you might include in your baking set because along with the right temperature, you also need the correct measures to get a well baked cake!!

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